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KidzLabs Volcano Making Kit. KidzLabs Volcano Making Kit will take science experiments to the next level! This is a great way to teach kids all about volcanos, allowing them to create their very own one and watch it erupt with bubbly fizzy lava.

Make the volcano with the plaster and mould provided, paint in the lava flow and landscape your volcano and then perform your eruption by mixing baking soda and vinegar, which can be repeated over and over again. The baking soda and vinegar is not included in the set, but are required for the volcano to erupt. This project will require adult supervision.

Contents: Contains 1 solid plastic volcano mould (assembly required), 2 fine quality plaster mix, 1 paint strip of six colours, 1 brush, 1 stirrer, 1 sheet of fun graphics for decoration, 1 set instructions with volcano science, fun facts, and recipe for eruption.

Age 8+

KidzLabs Volcano Making Kit

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