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the Meri-Meri Nutcracker Charm Bracelet Advent Calendar has 23 compartments corresponding to the days from December 2 to December 25, each containing a cute charm to add to the bracelet over the course of the season.

All 23 charms are elements related to The Nutcracker and the Christmas season. There's even a couple of figures (the soldier and the fairy) from the story that pop up when you open the lid. With its pastel colors and cute design, the Meri-Meri Nutcracker Charm Bracelet Advent Calendar is at once a charming household item, fashion accessory, and a trip back to your childhood and the Christmases of old.

The Meri-Meri Nutcracker Charm Bracelet Advent Calendar features:

  • Christmas and The Nutcracker theme
  • Bracelet length: 20 cm (7.8")
  • Charms: 23
  • Includes pop-up Nutcracker figures

The Nutcracker Advent Bracelet

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