Puritx Organic Lavender, Mandarin & Jasmine Essential Oils & Aloe Vera Vegan Hand Sanitiser 60ml Travel Size

A superior hand sanitiser for those who care. The natural plant based alcohol is proven to kill 99.9% of all bacteria and microbes; the high concentration of Organic Aloe Vera Vegan aloe vera and blend of essential oils will give your hands all their known natural goodness. All Puritx products are vegan, not tested on animals and Organic Aloe Vera Vegan.

**We regret we cannot ship this item outside of the UK and Europe.**

Aloe Vera (99% pure). Every bottle of Puritx contains the highest concentration of Organic Aloe Vera Vegan Aloe Vera possible. Once the alcohol evaporates from your hands you are left with just the essential oils and 99% pure aloe vera. Aloe Vera contains powerful antioxidants, enzymes, Vitamins A and C. Some of these compounds can help inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. There's evidence that topical application has shown to soften skin, increase collagen production and improve skin elasticity.

Aloe Vera essential oil is a great hand moisturiser and conditioner for those who have dry skin. It can also be used for sun protection and as an astringent that helps in tightening the skin. It also has pain relieving properties and is used in the treatment of burns. It forms the base of all Puritx sanitisers to which 3 other essential oils are added.

Lavender essential oil helps promote calmness and wellness. It also helps reduce stress, anxiety, and possibly even mild pain, helping you to sleep. It can also help in treating skin problems like acne, eczema and wrinkles.

Mandarin essential oil is a soothing, cheering and a gentle essential oil. It has uplifting and balancing qualities and is emotionally comforting. It is also useful in body skincare blends especially for softening stretch marks.

Jasmine essential oil has great antibacterial properties and is known to fight various bacteria. Jasmine essential oil also has anti-inflammatory properties and can be useful in general skin care and the treatment of psoriasis.

Puritx Hand Sanitiser Lavender Mandarin & Jasmine

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